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Heat in your home can be wasted on the rooms you’re not using.  Although you may be arguing with your household when you’re allowed to put the heating on, it is more important than ever to find the cheapest ways to heat your home whilst ensuring you stay warm. Take a look at the most efficient way to heat a room in your home to keep your running costs down- 

Most central heating systems are controlled by a boiler. Having a modern, energy efficient boiler is usually the most beneficial way to keep your home warm and your energy bills down. With the cost of living rising, it is essential  to understand the best way to look after your home. The temperature you set is the temperature that heats the water so it’s important to set it no higher than is required. 

The combi boiler is a great economical option compared to gas boilers that will soon cost twice as much as electrical ones.  If you are a small household we’d suggest a combi as it only heats the water you need. For larger households we recommend a regular boiler with a well insulated tank as hot water is heated more efficiently with these kinds of boilers. 

Central Heating smart controls allow you to customise the temperature of each room. This is so no heat is wasted and the rooms you use most are the ones that are kept warm while you’re in them. Whether you want the heating off completely in other rooms of your home, or you just want one warmer than the rest, smart controls let you control the temperature. 

Thermostats are great as they learn their schedule and programs itself to save energy. With a built in hot water control, they can even monitor their heating and hot water tank all in one place. Although the average temperature of a home in the UK is 17.7°C, recommended levels are 21°C.

Making sure you have a newer boiler ensures your boiler is working the best of its ability and that you are not wasting any money. Upgrading your boiler to a more energy efficient model will save energy and be cheaper to run overall. 

Alternatively, having your boiler serviced annually will make sure your boiler is working to the highest standard. When you have your boiler serviced it will improve its efficiency and you’ll have confidence that it is working safely as it prevents any future problems occurring. This is not only a great energy saving necessity, but it also reduces environmental impact and your carbon footprint. 

The best time to get your boiler serviced is before the cold winter months. You don’t want to wait until you need your heating on and find it’s faulty or even completely broken. A well maintained boiler will benefit the lifespan and you can be confident that it is always in full working condition. 

Underfloor heating can help avoid heat loss from draughts in your home. It is a powerful and sensitive system which means it can be adjusted to your exact needs.It works particularly well with renewable energy sources such as heat pumps. This is because heat pumps are three times more efficient than any type of boiler. 

How Ramki can help

Thanks to our 50 years in the business, our experienced engineers can easily install the boiler of your choice, with no fuss in 3 easy steps!

  1. We will come to visit you at a time that works for you. Our team will talk through the options available before providing you with a fixed price quote.
  2. Following completion of your boiler installation, our team will make sure their working areas are just as tidy as when they arrived. We will also arrange a time that suits you to come and collect your old boiler. One of our experts will then show you how your boiler controls work so that you can get the most out of your new boiler.
  3. Ramki looks after you even after your boiler has been fitted. Our 12 month workmanship guarantee is in place to ensure that any queries, servicing or problems you need help with, we are always here for you!