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Designing a renewable heating system to support a full home renovation

Our customer in Northwood, West London first engaged with Ramki at the planning stage of renovating their entire home. By being apart of the planning process our team are able to understand more detail about the project and advise on what solutions will achieve the customers desired result. The key outcome was to put in place a renewable and efficient heating system that would provide the correct levels of heating and comfort throughout the home whilst supporting the interior design and hiding any heating units that are inside the home.

The Ramki design team designed an underfloor heating system powered by an energy efficient heatpump that is located in the garden along with a Samsung heat pump with a Mixergy cylinder. The heatpump and cylinder provide economical low temperature heating that pairs perfectly with underfloor heating which regulates how much hot water is provided at certain times of the day.

Accessing a £5,000 subsidy through the boiler upgrade scheme

Being MCS Registered means that Ramki can apply on behalf of our customers for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, this customer was able to receive a £5,000 subsidy towards the installation of the heat pump which added to the cost savings before the system had been turned on. Please note that the Boiler Upgrade Scheme is now increasing to £7,500.

The customer has now moved into their fully renovated home and is delighted with the service provided by Ramki throughout the project and will continue to use Ramki to undertake the annual servicing to ensure the requirements are met for their warranty.