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A tailored system to allow the client to control the environment throughout the apartment.

Whilst renovating her beautiful apartment in Tower Hill the client contacted Ramki as she wanted renewable heating and cooling through her home to allow her to create the perfect indoor climate regardless of the outside temperature.

Our team designed a system tailored to the property with floor, wall and ceiling radiant heating and cooling, heat pumps and solar panels which allows the client to control the environment throughout the apartment.

Radiant Heating and Cooling is the perfect solution for this project as it provides exceptionally efficiency, renewable heating and cooling in one system all powered by a Heatpump.

An energy efficient system that evenly distributes temperature

By heating and cooling the apartment through the floor, walls and ceilings allows the temperature to be evenly distributed throughout the space instead of having forced drafts from one source such as air conditioning or radiators that impact the sleek design of the home. This system is also incredibly energy efficient and is up to 4 times more efficient than a gas system.

The client was able to access £5,000 subsidy through the Boiler Upgrade Scheme towards the installation of the heat pump making the project even more cost effective. Please note the subsidy from Boiler Upgrade Scheme has now increased to £7,500.

Ramki will now provide annual maintenance to keep within the guidelines of the manufacturer warranty.