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Solar Panels

Ramki install solar panels across London for customers who are wanting to generate green electricity and become more self-sufficient. As the rise in renewable energy continues, we have been trusted by homeowners to build solar PV systems on roofs of all shapes and sizes. We also install solar batteries so that you can store your energy up all day and choose when you use it, such as on a night when prices are lower.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are one of the most economical, effective and environmentally friendly ways to cover heating, cooling and hot water needs. They make a massive contribution to reducing carbon emissions and can help reach the governments net zero target by 2050. That is why the UK government is offering grants up to £7,500 to homeowners as part of the boiler upgrade scheme. At Ramki we are MCS registered and can access the grant on your behalf.

Radiant Heating & Cooling

Everyone has heard of underfloor heating, laying pipes in the floor. We take it a step further with floor, wall and ceiling heating & cooling. This is an innovative solution that runs from low temperatures and provides comfort heating and cooling. When paired with a heat pump you have one source to provide heating and cooling so there is no need for extra air conditioning units. Rather than forced air, you will enjoy a more comfortable climate which is more efficient than traditional air con. It can also work well alongside smart controls to continuously monitor and optimise temperatures.

Smart Controls

At Ramki we install smart controls from Messana. They are state of the art technology and are the only system you can get such a high level of connectivity between a fully renewable solution. The controls can self optimise and detect any changes in environments and are easily accessible through an app on your mobile. This provides greater visibility of your energy usage, enabling you to make sure you are getting the most efficient set up for your needs. If you are unsure which controls will be best for your household, our experts can help you choose from a range of innovative solutions that will be suited to your systems.

Mechanical Ventilation

Mechanical ventilation heat recovery is a heat recovery system that takes out the stale air from your home and transfers the heat to fresh outside air. It can be combined with filters to remove pollen and improve air quality without any risk of heat loss or drafts. Not only does it improve the efficiency of your home but it also cuts down condensation levels whilst reducing damp and mould. So if you’re looking for a ventilation system that creates a healthier environment and promotes clear air and circulation, Ramki can help.

Car Charging
Point Installation

Car charging points are a device to charge electric vehicles at your home. They are designed to be fast and convenient so that you don’t have to bother waiting in public spaces. When paired with solar batteries you can store up the energy generated during the day to charge your car at night when energy prices are typically lower. They are safe to use at home as they are designed to strict regulatory standards and when paired with the app on your phone you can easily track energy usage and schedule charging times.

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