fbpx How Does Wall Heating and Cooling Work? - Ramki

Wall heating systems provide cost effective and energy efficient heating throughout the cold months but then can also offer cooling for the warm summer months all from the same system. It provides you with a wall system that makes your home comfortable for you to enjoy all year round.

The water based heating side of the system works by having warm water run through pipes so that the entire surface of the wall can be efficiently and evenly heated up through infra-red waves which enables warm air to hit furniture and unheated surfaces at the correct angles.  They provide massive energy savings compared to traditional radiators which need a higher flow temperature due to their smaller size and ability to only radiate certain areas in the room. You will benefit even more if you have well insulated roofs and outside walls that reduce heat loss.

The cooling system is silent so you will reap the benefits without even realising it is switched on! There are no draughts as the cool air temperature is spread out evenly throughout your room so that more energy can be saved. In fact wall cooling can save on up to 30% of energy costs compared to standard air conditioning units. It works via cold water circulation within your wall structures which keeps your room comfortable for you and your household.

These systems mean that you can also save space in your home as there are no conventional radiators or air conditioning systems taking up valuable wall or floor space. The installation process of wall panels can be easily adapted to suit any room.

If required you can control your systems when you’re not home via your thermostat and can change the temperature of each individual room by your smartphone so that you always remain energy efficient.

At Ramki our aim is to help you reinvent your living space with smart and exciting systems. So we offer a variety of innovative, eco-friendly radiant heating alternatives including ceiling, wall and floor solutions. This allows for cooling and heating all in the same system making them very efficient low-temperature systems.

All of our wall, ceiling and floor systems can be retrofitted to suit any space to provide the maximum level of comfort. Regardless of if you are just refurbishing your home, remodelling or you are building new, we can design, service and install the right option for you and your property.

Our team works with Variotherm ModuleWall to take your home heating to the next level. It is an impressively thin system but extremely powerful and can be adjusted to your individual needs. The system is great working alongside drywall construction but also has the ability to work in gentle renovations of old buildings and floors where there is no room for screed.

If you are interested in becoming more energy efficient with your home systems, get in touch with us today on 020 8813 4000 or make an online enquiry today.