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Here’s our take on how smart controls can help reduce energy bills. Smart controls enable you to manage your appliances, whether you are home or not. By having smart controls you can make sure appliances are on only when you need them so that you aren’t wasting energy or money. 

Smart thermostats which control your hot water and radiators are designed to figure out when you are home and when you will be needing heat or hot water. Through learning this, smart thermostats build a heating schedule that makes you more energy efficient. 

You can also track your usage with smart controls. You will be able to see the history of your heating usage during the day, week and month so that you can see how much your energy usage is costing. Many systems even provide you handy tips that give you money saving techniques. 

Having a smart meter allows you to see exactly how much energy you are using and they can even help you be aware of your CO2 emissions. Once you understand your energy consumption, you can then optimise the times your home uses energy to suit your daily schedule. This means you can easily control your heating and water schedules and save money on your energy bills.

Even installing smart plugs for the main appliances in your home can save you a lot of money.  They do this by helping you to switch off appliances that still consume electricity whilst on standby. You can usually control smart plugs and create schedules through apps or voice assistants. Similar to smart light bulbs, you can set routines for your electronics to turn on just when they are needed. 

Rather than relying on keeping lights on whilst you’re not at home as a deterrent to potential intruders, smart home security systems are the perfect option to keep your home safe whilst saving money on your energy bills. Some security systems run on batteries rather than electricity and are a subtle way of protecting your property. 

Smart Controls with Ramki 

Part of our vision for the future is for households to benefit from modern technology that help them enjoy better heating and appliances whilst saving money in the long run on their energy bills. 

If you are interested in smart controls for your home, our knowledgeable team will assess your needs before recommending and installing the smart technologies that are right for your everyday life. 

Options available 

Nest Pro Installers

With the Nest Learning thermostat, it has the capability to learn about your schedule and program itself to save energy. They also offer hot water control meaning that the Nest thermostat will control heating and hot water tanks from the same place. As they can work with OpenTherm-compatible boilers for advanced modulation, this thermostat works with the majority of heating systems. 


The Heatmiser Neo provides multi zone smart control for most heating systems such as radiators, electric and water underfloor heating. It has been designed for simple use and you will benefit from an easy to navigate menu. 

Drayton Wiser 

A wiser system is made up of room thermostat, radiator thermostat and the app which are linked to the Heat Hub. This system allows you to have multi zone heating controls so you can build your wireless heating system around your individual needs. 

If you would like to discuss how smart controls can help reduce energy bills with one of our team please contact us today!