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Your home is somewhere you spend most of your time so you will want to have complete comfort all year round while you are relaxing, working or entertaining. Not only will this be more convenient for your household but it will also make your systems more efficient, helping you to save money on your energy bills.

Here are some solutions on how to have complete climate control of your home-

Radiant Heating and Cooling 

Radiant heating and cooling does what it says on the tin- keeps you warm in the winter and cool throughout the summer. With pipes that go through your walls, ceilings or floors, radiant heating and cooling are hidden in the surface to create evenly distributed heat or cooling throughout your entire home.

Radiant heating and cooling works well with renewable technologies. This is systems such as heat pumps as it removes the need for any additional air conditioning units to be used. It also works effectively with smart controls which can control your climate automatically whenever the weather changes.

Smart Controls 

Smart controls monitor your energy usage and provide useful information and insights that enable you to optimise your energy settings. By looking at your daily routine, your smart thermostat can set your heating and cooling systems for when you are ready to use them.

As well as being able to enjoy a temperature that is perfect for your environment, smart controls have other benefits such as saving money on your energy bills as your settings will be optimised to only when you need your systems running.

Our expert team can advise you on the right smart controls for your home. This will help make sure that you can get the most out of your current systems; and have easier control and access to the temperatures in your household.

Heat Pumps 

With heat pumps using the “free” heat from the outdoor air and transferring the heat indoors you will have an alternative way to heat and cool your home. Heat pumps are powerful enough to supply heating and cooling to entire properties, meaning you can use the energy you produce to control the climate in your home without having to worry about the national grid prices.

If you are interested in upgrading to heat pumps, our engineers can size and spec the heat pump according to the requirements of your home and heating needs.

Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery

Mechanical ventilation heat recovery systems let you enjoy fresh filtered air. The regular supply of fresh, preheated air means that you will have a comfortable indoor temperature no matter what time of year it is. As well as setting the temperature automatically, users can change the airflow manually to increase output.

Having these systems in place enable you to create the perfect living environment through temperature control, air movement and ventilation. This helps to improve your wellbeing and guarantees an enjoyable space for you to enjoy.

At Ramki we are committed to helping homeowners take advantage of complete climate control through a range of innovative technologies. We understand that your home is your personal place to unwind. So we want to make you feel comfortable whatever the season. Our aim is to provide you with solutions that give extra comfort but for a lower price than traditional systems such as gas heating.