fbpx Introducing the Lunos e2neo - Ramki

An Inventive Home Ventilation and Heat Recovery System

Many people believe that an open window allows fresh air into a building without paying mind to the air quality they are breathing in. We now have a system that provides clean air into a home by extracting stale air without losing heat. Using a method of regenerative heat exchange, this technology provides a heat provision of more than 80%.
Typically installed in pairs the units work in a paired operation, ventilating and recovering heat in sync. This new age product is installed by means of a core hole drilling and no ducting, making the process quick and easy.
Lunos offers an extensive range from the Lunos e2, e2short, e2mini, e2neo perfect for the family home as well as the Ne**t model – ideal for commercial buildings such as schools, offices, hotels, etc.



Our client opted for the e2neo to be installed in their home located in Central London. Concerned with pollution levels our client was worried about the bad air quality in their townhouse and how this affects the children living with them. Alongside the unit they requested a pollen filter as an additional feature, which works great for individuals with allergies.

This ingenious product will soon be in demand across London as air quality levels continue to breach the maximum limit for safe, breathable air.

As per the ERP – the Lunos e2neo has achieved a Class A for high efficiency and low power consumption. Other features include humidity protection, anti-freeze function, slim and universal design, a compact sound optimised fan for noise protection and is compatible with other Lunos ventilation systems.