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Plumbing Maintenance

Clean, healthy water supply is the basis of good health and wellbeing for you and your family. Our team at Ramki can improve the quality of your water with a few innovative adjustments to your set, providing you with ultimate peace of mind that you are getting the highest standard of water.


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Electrical Maintenance

At Ramki we have been working within the residential electrical services sector for more than 50 years. With extensive experience completing electrical installations, our team also completes electrical repairs and maintenance projects. All of the work we do is carried out to building regulations and certificated so you will have peace of mind your systems are safe.


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When you have gas and electrical systems installed in your property they need to be properly maintained. All of your systems and appliances need to meet the appropriate government regulations and certifications. We can carry out important checks and ensure your property is compliant.


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Transform your home into an eco-friendly, sustainable energy source.