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Keeping Properties Safe

It is important to make sure that any gas and electrical systems are properly installed and maintained. To meet the government regulations, your gas and electricity systems and any appliances connected to them need to have the appropriate certification.


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Gas Safety

The Gas Safety Certificate, also known as the CP12, is a report that is conducted on an annual basis on all gas appliances and your gas mains to ensure it is in safe working order.


Electrical Safety

The EICR Certificate or Electrical Installation Conditions Report Certificate is essentially the electrical equivalent of the CP12 and is the documentation you need to prove the electrical circuits have been checked thoroughly in your property.


Energy Performance

The Energy Performance Certificate, or just EPC for short, is a special four-page official document that highlights the energy efficiency of your property using a traffic light system consisting of A to G with A denoting most efficient. The EPC shows potential buyers and investors how much it will potentially cost to heat and power your home.

Landlord Regulatory Certifications

As a landlord it is your responsibility to ensure your rental property’s systems and appliances are safe for tenants. At Ramki we can carry out the necessary checks to your property and provide you with the correct landlord regulatory certifications that are required to ensure your property is compliant with all safety requirements.

Remaining Inline With Safety Regulations

You can only receive these certificates by having the work conducted by a qualified and certified individual or team. At Ramki we can help ensure that your property is compliant. We can conduct the relevant checks and tests as well as any maintenance and repairs required to ensure you can qualify for your annual certifications.

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