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Improve your water pressure

At Ramki we’re able to improve water pressure by installing booster sets and pumps to ensure that pressure is evenly distributed to taps and showers across your home. Hard water in London causes limescale to build up in pipes, by adding a water softener to your system you can reduce the limescale build up for healthier skin and hair as well as extending the lifespan of your appliances.


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Boiling hot water tap

Save time and energy with a boiling hot water tap, we install a range of taps from Quooker and other brands which allow boiling hot water, filtered and sparkling water from the same tap.


Booster sets and pumps

Nothing beats jumping in a hot shower, until you realise the pressure has dropped because another tap has been turned on in your home. By adding a booster set or pump you can benefit from a strong pressure to each tap and shower.


Water softener

Adding water softener to your system helps reduce the build of limescale which is notorious from the hard water in London's water system. You and your family can enjoy the improved quality of water and the additional health benefits that come from it.

How we can improve your water quality

Water Softeners

Limescale is a problem that anyone with hard water, especially here in London, has to deal with. At Ramki, we have lots of experience dealing with hard water systems and use high-quality water softeners to correct the issue.

UV Filters

To help eliminate the unwanted particles and components in your water system, we use special filters, such as purifiers and ultraviolet filters that will get rid of all copper, mercury, lead, aluminium and anything else that’s in there that shouldn’t.

Leak Detection Systems

It’s not just your shower that can suffer leaks. Other parts of your water system can too. We can provide you with a smart setup that lets you know when your water system has a leak.

Booster Sets and Pumps

After a long day, there is nothing worse than finally getting into your shower only to have the underwhelming experience of just small trickles of water. There are a variety of reasons why this could be happening. At Ramki, we can help identify the problem and provide solutions.

Boiling Hot Water Tap

When you have a boiling hot water tap, you can just use the amount you need, nothing more nothing less, meaning you only use the amount of energy necessary for the number of cups of tea or/and coffee you are making.

How does it work?

Appointing the Ramki team to maintain your plumbing systems allows us to keep things working efficiently whilst testing that the system is operating how it should be. We will also identify if any part of your system needs repairing or replacing to operate at it’s optimal best. If you’re experiencing issues with your plumbing contact Ramki today to discuss how we can help.


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