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Preventative Plumbing Maintenance Tips

Over time your plumbing system can suffer from general wear and tear due to everyday use. That is why it is important to undertake preventative maintenance which identifies any issues through regular checks and inspections. 

In this blog we will be looking at preventative plumbing maintenance tips so that you can have confidence your plumbing and drainage systems are working properly. 

Check water pressure 

Water pressure regulation is essential for domestic properties. You’ll be able to notice when you have low water pressure as it will take longer to have a shower or wash up. Alternatively if you have high water pressure it can cause leaks or your pipes to burst. Ultimately, if you don’t have the correct water pressure it can shorten the life of your plumbing.

You can check the water pressure of your system using a pressure gauge. This will let you know if the water pressure is too high or low. A pressure regulator is also a useful tool which will ensure your water pressure is healthy. 

Ramki can help solve your water pressure issues in the shower by checking the showerhead for blockages before thoroughly cleaning it. Our team will also check the closed valve, look for any leaks, check your boiler and mains water supply controls. We can also install boosters and water pumps to compensate if you require. 

Install a water softener 

Hard water can affect your plumbing by accumulating heavy mineral deposits that cause problems in your system. By making sure the water in your heating system is clean, it will mean your system is able to run more efficiently. Water softeners will also improve the quality of your water and can lower your water bill. 

At Ramki, our engineers can help find the right water softener product and design for your requirements. One option we offer is a magnetic filter. This improves system health and efficiency through removing system sludge by collecting iron oxide sludge via a magnet. 

Fix leaks 

You will be able to identify plumbing leaks if you notice water stains or puddles around appliances. Not only do leaks waste water but they can actually increase your water bill.  It is important to attend to any plumbing repairs so that you stay on top of any issues. This will prevent any further water damage. 

We can provide you with smart setup leak detection systems which will alert you to any problems. One of our Ramki team will install a sensor in your water system that’ll tell you when you have a water leak. This prevents them from growing into costly repairs, helps with frost detection and helps keep your water system safe all year round. 

Take care of your shut-off valves 

If you have any plumbing repairs, installations or emergencies, the water shut-off valve will be needed to cut off the water supply. So if the handle or lever has become rusty or has not been loosened regularly, it can cause issues when work to your system is needed. 

Prepare for winter months

Pipes that carry water from your bathroom to outside the house need to be well insulated during winter months. The cold winter weather can cause your pipes to freeze and potentially burst. This would damage your property and could end up affecting your electrical supply. So you need to insulate your pipes and disconnect all drain hoses from outside taps before it gets to freezing temperatures. 

Plumbing & Drainage with Ramki 

We are committed to improving the quality of your water supply and plumbing system. Just a couple of clever improvements to your current system can see massive benefits to your everyday life and energy bills. 

Preventative plumbing and drainage maintenance will remove the risk of expensive damage occurring and give you confidence that everything is working as it should be. It will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. 

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