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For the first time, temperatures of 40 °C have been experienced in the UK in July 2022, breaking the previous UK record of 38.7 °C set in July 2019 (Met Office, 2022a). The UK’s 2019 climate projections predict that heatwaves will become normal events for UK summers by 2040. The need for a renewable cooling solution is greater than ever. It is predicted that the demand for cooling in the UK will triple by 2050. Radiant Cooling is the perfect alternative to polluting and drafty air conditioning installations. Rather than blowing out cold air, Radiant Cooling works by installing boards with pipes that run cool water in the summer powered by your heatpump. This is very efficient as there is a large surface area across your walls and ceilings to run the cool water at much higher temperatures than needed for an air conditioning unit.