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Heating your home with fossil fuels has a big impact on your carbon footprint. However when you switch to renewable energy systems you have the opportunity to rely less on the national grid and become more environmentally friendly. Powering your home with renewable energy also gives you the chance to save money on your energy bills – and who doesn’t want that when prices are currently rising? With over 1 million homes in the UK already generating electricity from either solar or wind,  Ramki is passionate about helping more homeowners make the switch whilst still maintaining the levels of comfort that you currently enjoy. Have a read of our suggestions for renewable energy solutions for homes-

Solar Panels

Solar PV panels are made up of cells from layers of semiconducting material, usually silicon; when light reflects on them then a flow of electricity is generated. Although the more sun there is the more electricity is generated,  even on cloudy days solar panels are still working creating a source of electricity. Made up of multiple panels, systems also normally need an inverter so that DC electricity can be converted to AC which is suitable for use with household appliances.

If you are considering installing solar panels at your property, you need to take into account any factors that could affect the performance of your system, such as nearby buildings, trees shading your roof or if you have a North facing roof. To fully benefit from solar panels, south facing roofs that aren’t shaded are perfect.

Fitting your solar panels alongside a battery is a popular option so that homeowners have more control over energy consumption by enabling them to store excess solar energy for later use and not having to pay the peak prices you would if you relied on the grid.

Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps use energy from the air and release it at a higher temperature to create energy for your home for heating, cooling and hot water. Heat pumps work well with energy efficiency systems such as floor, wall and ceiling heating and cooling.

Now it has never been easier to transfer to heat pumps. The UK government currently offers the Boiler Upgrade Scheme which is eligible to homeowners who are wanting to install heat pumps a grant of £5,000 per property, towards the cost of installation. Looking to the future, heat pumps are the answer to becoming more green when it comes to heating homes and will hopefully eventually replace traditional boilers.

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) is a great option for heating residential properties. It works by recycling the moist air that is taken from your bathrooms, kitchens or utility rooms. It is sent through a heat exchanger which retains the heat and transfers it into the incoming fresh air to heat your home. The same system is applied with cooling as the heat is extracted and removed from your property. MVHR systems can work with other renewable technology such as heat pumps.

At Ramki we are here to help you achieve an optimal and efficient climate solution that reduces your energy use and improves your daily life from an exceptional service. Contact us today for more information.