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Heat Pumps

Ramki installs air source heat pumps which use energy from the air to create energy for your home that you can use for heating, cooling and hot water. We champion such alternative energy sources and can see how much money you could save and the positive impact you could have on the environment by making the switch.


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Radiant Heating & Cooling

Ramki install an innovative solution that heats and cools your home using your floors, wall and ceilings. This is a very energy efficient system and works by running pipes through your surfaces with warm water in winter and cool water in summer, there is no need for any unappealing heating or cooling units.


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Smart Controls

Smart controls offer a range of features that enhance comfort, convenience and efficiency which has made them a popular choice for homeowners who are wanting to embrace new, innovative technologies into their daily life.


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Solar Panels & Batteries

Ramki installs solar panels across London for customers who are wanting to generate green electricity and become more self-sufficient. As the rise in renewable energy continues we have been trusted by homeowners to build solar PV systems on roofs of all shapes and sizes.


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Ventilation Heat Recovery

A mechanical ventilation heat recovery system provides fresh filtered air into your home by extracting stale air that fills your rooms. It is an energy efficient and controlled ventilation system which doesn’t let heat escape and improves the air within your home. At Ramki we professionally install mechanical ventilation heat recovery that are designed to your property’s requirements.


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Car Charging Points

Charging your electric car is a daily necessity and with a home EV charge point it couldn’t be more convenient. At Ramki we install the EV station at your home and connect it to your energy supply, whether that is from the grid or from your own renewable energy source.


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Transform your home into an eco-friendly, sustainable energy source.