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Charging your electric car is a daily necessity and with a home EV charge point it couldn’t be more convenient. At Ramki we install the EV station at your home and connect it to your energy supply, whether that is from the grid or from your own renewable energy source.


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EV Charge Types

You need to consider where you want a tethered or universal charge point and what charging rate you need for your electric car. Our team at Ramki will be able to use their expert knowledge and experience to advise you on the best option for you.


Installation Points

Usually a home charging point is installed on a wall or post inside or outside of your property. Alternatively they can also be installed on your driveway where there is off-street parking for a safe and accessible charging location.


Charging Times

The best time to charge your electric car at home is during off-peak hours when energy rates are the cheapest. You can preset charging to automatically start when energy rates are lower through an app

Benefits of Home EV Charging

Beat Public Waiting Times

Home charging points are designed to be fast and convenient so that you don’t have to wait in public areas to charge your car. It is also a cost effective solution as you will no longer have to pay a fee per charge.

Faster Charging

A home charging point has the ability to deliver faster charging than the usual standard 3-pin plug charging points. With the demand for electric vehicles rising, the standard 3-pin 240V plugs are not thought to be a safe long-term method of charging.

Boost Your Property’s Value

Having an EV Charger installed can boost your property’s value. Experts estimate that you might increase the selling price by up to £5K over the local area average.

Charge With Renewable Energy

When paired with solar batteries you can store up your energy in the day to charge your car at night when typically energy prices are lower. This will help you save money on your energy bills as you’ll be relying less on the national grid.

Control Through Your Phone

It is easy to control your charging with an app that is paired to your phone so that you can track all of your energy usage, receive notifications on the charging session’s progress and schedule charging times.

Kinder to The Environment

Although electric vehicles are already more environmentally friendly than traditional cars, being able to charge your car at home enables you to reduce your carbon footprint even further. This is because you’ll be reducing the amount of carbon emissions produced by not having to travel out of your way to public charging stations.

How Much Does Installation Cost?

The cost of an EV charging point can vary depending on the charger’s power rating, features, and brand. Home EV charging points are designed to be compatible with most electric vehicle models. However, it’s vital that you check the charger’s specifications to ensure the one you go for is suitable for your specific EV model.


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