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Giving You Control of Your Home’s Climate All Year Round

Ramki install an innovative solution that heats and cools your home using your floors, wall and ceilings. This is a very energy efficient system and works by running pipes through your surfaces with warm water in winter and cool water in summer, there is no need for any unappealing heating or cooling units.


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Cooling System Advantages

Radiant cooling absorbs heat from the room through the surfaces, and exchanges the heat via the heat pump. Unlike air conditioning there is no forced air or drafts and it is a healthier option as there is no bacteria build up. It is also a lot quieter than noisy air conditioning units.


Installation Requirements

Generally radiant heating and cooling is installed as part of a renovation where pipes can be laid within walls, ceilings and floors without or disruption. Panels however can be retrofitted to existing areas, our experts will advise you.


Floor Types

You can use any type of flooring for radiant heating. Whether it is carpet, tiles, stone or wood, however this can affect how long it takes to feel it warm up.

Benefits of Radiant Heating and Cooling

Energy Efficient

Compared to alternatives such as air conditioning systems, radiant cooling is more efficient as it runs at a high temperature of 15-16° instead of 6-7°. When paired with a heat pump you will notice significant monthly savings.

Easy to Maintain

There is no specific maintenance required for radiant heating and cooling systems because they are integrated into the structure of your home. However a regular check of the overall heating and system is needed to ensure that your system is operating to the highest standard.


The modular panels that are used can be fitted into any design to provide both heating and cooling in one so that you can enjoy a comfortable climate all year round. As well as having the ability to be retrofitted into existing surfaces in the home, they can also be installed as part of a renovation or a new build.

Save Space

With radiant heating and cooling you can make the most of the space in your house as there is no longer a need for visible heating and cooling sources such as radiators or air conditioning units. The modular panels can be fitted to any design to provide heating and cooling in one.

Improved Comfort

The comfort levels in your home will be increased with radiant heating and cooling compared to traditional heating systems. The radiant heating or cooling is more evenly distributed throughout the room due to the modular panels covering the entire space and the air being able to circulate more easily. This removes cold spots or drafts that can make you uncomfortable.

Pairing with Other Systems

When paired with a heat pump you will get the most out of your heating and cooling as there is no need to run an additional air conditioning unit. The system also works well with smart controls as the perfect climate is automatically created when the weather changes.

How Does it Work?

Radiant heating and cooling works by installing a set of modular panels in the floor, wall or ceiling with water running through them, which will be set to warm in winter and cool in the summer. By having control of the temperature in your surfaces you can create a comfortable climate without huge energy bills. The ceiling is the most efficient way to do radiant heating and cooling because you will have a large, unobstructed ceiling that can create or absorb heat for the whole room.


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