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Elevate Your Lifestyle With Cutting-Edge Smart Technology

Smart controls can connect seamlessly to your renewable energy products, continuously measuring your environment and self optimising so that you have the perfect indoor climate no matter what the changing conditions.” This can help to enhance the efficiency of your renewable energy solutions.


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Renewable Controls with Comfort 360

The state of the art controls are at the centre of Comfort 360, connecting all your renewable technologies. This continuously monitors and optimises the performance of all the technologies to guarantee that the ideal climate can be maintained no matter what the change in conditions. We also track energy usage to ensure you can set your system to achieve a comfortable climate at the right energy usage for you.


Solar Energy Monitoring controls

Controls provide a simple, visual dashboard to allow you to see just how your Solar panels and batteries are working to reduce your energy cost and carbon footprint.


Heating and Cooling Controls

We have experience installing heating and cooling controls which have been designed to offer multi zone smart control for most heating systems, including radiators, electric, water and underfloor heating.

Benefits of smart controls

Connect Seamlessly

Smart controls can connect seamlessly to your renewable energy sources such as heat pumps or solar panels so that your systems are using as much renewable power before having to switch to the national grid. This can help to enhance the efficiency of your renewable energy solutions and identify opportunities of optimisation.

Monitor and Optimise

Smart controls provide you with helpful insights that allow you to monitor and optimise your energy use. Through this information you can streamline your routine, saving time, money and effort when managing your energy sources.

Remote Access

All features of your smart controls are easily accessible through an app on your mobile. This puts convenience and customisation at your fingertips by allowing you to control and monitor your energy systems even when you are not at home.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Smart Controls have the ability to optimise energy consumption and reduce waste automatically which can help you live a more sustainable life through lowering the amount of greenhouse gas emissions your property produces.

Enhanced Comfort

Our goal is to help homeowners benefit from extra comfort but for a lower price. With the ability to fine tune settings remotely or based on your heating habits, smart controls can create a more comfortable environment that is customised to how you live.

Tailored to Your Household

At Ramki we can advise you on the best smart controls for your home and current systems. Most smart thermostats we install can connect to a network or your wi-fi for easy access on an app or controlled through Alexa, Google Home or a smart hub. Our expert team will install them at a time that suits you and assist you in learning how to get the most out of them.

Take Charge
of Your Environment

Smart controls let you have full control over your heating and hot water. The systems are installed alongside your boiler so that they can work together efficiently to prevent your energy usage from fluctuating, saving you money on heating and cooling costs. It means you won’t be having your heating on when you are not there to benefit from it. This is because smart controls allow you to set schedules for when you are at home and offer you the opportunity to adjust individual room temperatures.


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