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Expert MVHR Installation

A mechanical ventilation heat recovery system provides fresh filtered air into your home by extracting stale air that fills your rooms. It is an energy efficient and controlled ventilation system which doesn’t let heat escape and improves the air within your home. At Ramki we professionally install mechanical ventilation heat recovery that are designed to your property’s requirements.


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Is MVHR Right For My Home?

Mechanical ventilation heat recovery systems are ideal for all homes as it creates a healthy comfortable environment, especially if you suffer from asthma or hayfever. This is particularly effective in air tight modern homes which need fresh air to avoid condensation and mould. Not only can they be retrofitted through a decentralised system but they can also be installed as part of a renovation with a centralised system.


Virtually Silent

Mechanical ventilation heat recovery systems should run virtually silently as they use ductwork to circulate the air and are designed to have minimal noise impact.


Types of Systems

AS standard MVHR is offered as a Centralised system and installed as part of a renovation with a central unit and ducts. We also offer Decentralised MVHR when installing as part of a retrofit, this system runs small connected units to the exterior walls to generate a constant air flow without reducing temperature.

Benefits of Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery

Improves Air Quality

A mechanical ventilation heat recovery system works hard to clean and improve the air quality in your home. It can also be combined with filters to remove pollen to boost air quality further without any heat loss or drafts.

Cuts Down Condensation Levels

Modern homes have become airtight through insulation, draught proofing and double glazed windows. This can mean that although it keeps the warm air in, moisture has nowhere to go and leads to condensation on cold surfaces such as windows and walls. MVHR systems work by constantly ventilating your home so that moisture is removed.

Reduces Damp and Mould

Without proper ventilation the wet rooms in your home can have damp and mould problems. However mechanical ventilation heat recovery systems create a better air quality so that you can have a healthier environment.

Comfortable Living Conditions

The consistent supply of fresh, preheated air helps maintain a comfortable indoor temperature throughout the year, whatever the season. If needed, users can also change the airflow manually with the option to increase the output.

Energy Efficient

The MVHR system is energy efficient and runs at low energy consumption meaning you can successfully ventilate your home without running up big energy bills.

Reduces Your Energy Bills

MVHR systems provide ventilation and heat recovery so when the moist air is extracted from your home and clean air is drawn in, the air coming back into your home has already been partially warmed which can relieve heating costs and fuel bills.

How Does it Work?

With a MVHR installation there is an intake vent that draws fresh outdoor air into the building. Usually the air is then filtered to remove dust, pollen and other particles before entering the system.

  • Stale Air Extraction- At the same time the system also has an exhaust vent that removes stale air and moisture from the inside of your home in rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms.
  • Heat Exchange- The main feature of a MVHR system is the heat exchanger unit. The unit sits in between the intake and exhaust air streams. When the stale air is extracted the heat exchanger captures and transfers the heat from the warm outgoing air to the cold incoming air.
  • Heat Recovery- During the heat exchange process, the heat exchanger transfers the recovered heat to the fresh incoming air. This pre-warms the incoming air to make it closer to the indoor temperature and reduce the energy needed to heat it to a comfortable level.
  • Air Distribution-Then the pre-warmed air is distributed through the building via ducts providing continuous fresh air to rooms.


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