fbpx Say Bye-Bye to Gas Heating by 2025 - Ramki

The Committee on Climate Change (the CCC) has announced the crackdown on carbon emissions relating to gas heating and have a vision that no new homes are be connected to the gas grid from 2025 onwards.

A report published in February 2019 has highlighted the importance of reducing gas heating emissions to tackle the increase in climate change and improve air quality. Statistics show that 90% of UK homes are equipped with gas heating contributing to an increase in emissions between 2016 & 2017, with 29 million homes already connected to gas heating the CCC stressed that there is an urgent need to close a skills gap in housing design and construction industries for installation of new technologies.

To start with the CCC have recommended existing homes should be retrofitted for efficiency and use heating technologies such as heat networks and pumps. To know more about heat pumps call us on 0208 813 4000 for further information.