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Water Softener Campaign


Sparkling Clean

You will notice your bathroom, kitchen and all their surfaces won’t need as much cleaning and they will look shinier for longer. No more clogged up shower head, limescale around the sink, scum in the bath or residue on your shower screen. Spend less time cleaning and enjoy the extra hours you have saved.


Healthy Hair & Skin

Hard water dries out your hair because shampoos don’t mix as well with the minerals. Softened water makes your hair softer, shiner and more manageable and keeps your skin in tip-top condition by soothing it. If you have skin conditions such as eczema you will see a gradual improvement.


Love Your Appliances

Scale build up over time on appliances can impact the way they work and how long they last. Soft water will dissolve existing scale over time and stop any future build up. You will see scale disappear from your kettle six weeks after your water softener is installed and after two years it will disappear from your pipes!