fbpx What are the advantages of renewable energy? Renewable Energy

What are the advantages of renewable energy? With the fuel crisis, renewable energy technology is on the rise. Solutions such as heat pumps, solar panels/solar PV and solar thermal can have massive benefits to homeowners which will save them money in the long run whilst doing their bit to reduce their carbon footprint. They also still provide the level of comfort that we are used to from burning fossil fuels.

Renewable energy uses the Earth’s natural resources such as sunlight, wind and geothermal heat to supply homes with solar energy. The beauty of it is that it is never going to run out or hike up in price. Renewable energy technology is also suitable for all types of properties, from a 1920’s build to new houses, so anyone can benefit from solar power.

This clean energy is also more environmentally friendly than fossil fuels. When renewable energy is captured and converted into electricity, no greenhouse gas emissions are released into the atmosphere. 

Many renewable energy sources also require little maintenance which means there is less energy wasted. Another benefit is renewable energy is more durable and lasts longer than boilers as they have an estimated life expectancy of 25-30 years.

Solar panels are one popular renewable energy solution. Also known as photovoltaics (PV) they capture the sun’s energy before converting it into electricity that can be used in your home. Although solar panels are more efficient in direct sunlight, they can still generate power on a dull day, meaning that they can provide you with heating and hot water all year round. However the stronger the sun is, the more electricity is generated. 

You should also take into consideration whether your home is usually shaded or if you have a North facing roof because that can have a negative impact on the performance of your solar panels. 

Heat pumps can allow you to rely solely on the heat that is produced from the heat pumps to heat your home. They work by absorbing the heat from the air outside your home and turning it into energy. If you are wanting a more efficient and cost effective way to heat your home in the winter and allow for cool air in the summer, a heat pump will be a more effective option than a gas boiler. 

You can also install battery storage so that you can keep the solar energy for a time that suits you if you don’t use it all. If your home is connected to the national grid, battery storage helps you use renewable energy to the maximum capacity. You will be less reliant on energy suppliers and in some cases you could even be paid for the extra energy you don’t use by the national grid. 

Although renewable energy technologies can be an expensive investment, they do provide long term benefits and save you money on your energy bills over time. In fact, for heat pumps Green Match note how you can save as much as £1,450 per year. 

There are UK government grants available to make converting to renewable energy easier. The Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) provides £5000 for any heat pump or renewable technology and at Ramki we can apply on your behalf. The scheme is currently until 2025 and the new heating system must also be able to meet the full space heating and hot water requirements of your property, as well as abiding by certain technical standards including minimum efficiency requirements. 

At Ramki we are committed to helping homes become carbon neutral. We want our customers to benefit from the newest technologies that are available. We believe that you will benefit from a better standard of heating and your home will be warmer, even though you will be saving money on your bills. Contact us today for more information about the advantages of renewable energy and how we can help you convert to renewable sources of energy.