fbpx What Are The Benefits of an EV Charger Installation? - Ramki

With electric vehicles (EVs) becoming more popular than ever, there has been an increased need to be able to have an EV charger at home. Charging an EV at home has provided an easier way for owners to charge their vehicles when they’re not in use.

With home EV charging you are connected to your energy supply. It is usually installed in a place near where your car parks so that they can easily connect to your vehicle with a EV charging cable. They are normally installed to a wall outside your home, or sometimes placed on a charging stand, and are available in a range of power outputs to suit your needs.

Convenience is a massive benefit to having a home charging station. You will be able to charge your car for however long you want, whenever you want. Unlike having to find a public charging point and leaving your car, you can simply charge your car when you are at home and when the energy costs from the national grid are cheaper, such as overnight.

Your electric car will also be safer in the comfort of your own home. Compared to a public charging point, your car is more protected from theft, scrapes or bumps and vandalism so you will have peace of mind knowing that it is protected on your property. It also enables you to charge quicker if there are long queues to use them as Last winter EV drivers were outraged at the lack of charging points across the country after drivers waited for over three hours to get back on the road.

With charging at home you will become even more environmentally friendly. This is because you will remove the need of having to travel to a public charging station whilst reducing your carbon footprint.  You will also have the ability to run your EV charger from renewable energy sources. If your home has solar panels installed then you can fully charge your car with complete green energy. Unlike most public chargers, you won’t have to rely on the grid to provide electricity.

Installing an EV charger at your home will also increase your property’s value. With the amount of electric car owners expected to continue to rise, so has the demand for EV charging points at the home.

Owning a charge point provides you with greater flexibility in managing your EV’s charging needs. An electric car battery is the same as any other battery meaning how you charge it will affect how efficient it is. Charging it to full compared to just for an hour or two could lead to better longevity of the battery, and this is done more easily when you have a charging point right by your front door.

Although most EV charging infrastructures are turning to becoming a universal model we recommend checking that the EV charging station you have installed definitely fits with your car.

Overall, installing an electric car charge point offers convenience, cost savings, environmental benefits, and future-proofing advantages. It empowers you to take control of your EV charging needs while supporting the transition to cleaner and greener transportation.

At Ramki we install electric car charge points to domestic properties across London. Get in touch with us today for more information and we can advise you on the best electric car charge point for your needs and budget.