fbpx What is a Heat Pump? | How Does a Heat Pump Work?

What is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is part of your home heating and cooling system that is installed outside of your house. Heat pumps work by pulling the heat from the cold outdoor air in winter months and transferring it for use indoors.In the warmer months it then pulls the heat out of indoor air to cool down your home.

A heat pump powers it’s components through electricity with most of the electricity that is consumed being used to run a compressor. This means that a small amount of higher temperature energy from the large amount of energy is collected at a lower temperature. 

There are two main types of heat pumps – air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps. 

Air Source 

Air source heat pumps transfer heat from indoor air and outdoor air. Although the air is colder in winter, there is still a lot of energy generated due to the amount of air that passes over the heat exchanger. This makes them a popular option for residential properties.

Ground Source 

Ground source heat pumps transfer the heat between the air inside your home and the outside ground. These types of systems are considered to be more energy efficient and cost effective because of the consistency of the ground temperature throughout the year, however they are more expensive to install than an air source heat pump. Typically, they are better suited in properties with gardens or large outdoor space.

It is possible to integrate a heat pump into an existing heating system if needed. This is known as a hybrid heat pump which usually involves a gas boiler and air to water heat pump outdoor unit. This system utilises an external heat pump in conjunction with an existing or newly installed boiler to provide warmth and hot water for your home. 

It can utilise the existing system and fabric improvements can be installed over a longer time frame. It also means the boiler would support the heat pump to get your house warm in colder months. 

Installing a heat pump has a range of advantages including a reduction in energy bills, low maintenance, the fact that they work well with other systems such as underfloor heating and heat pumps are also more environmentally friendly than traditional alternatives as they don’t burn any fossil fuels. 

Another advantage is that the government is currently offering incentives to homeowners who are wanting heat pumps and more sustainable options at their properties. One of the schemes they are offering is a £500 grant towards your heat pump and solar panel installation costs, and as we can apply on your behalf, getting started with renewable energy couldn’t be easier. 

If you do opt for heat pumps, you need to make sure you are getting the best performance from them. Having professional engineers who will be able to tell you how to use the controls of the heat pump effectively will help massively. As you can set your controls to match the level of heating and hot water you need. 

Heat Pumps with Ramki 

At Ramki we are committed to supporting alternative energy so that we can help you see how much money you could save and the positive impact on the environment you could have if you made the switch. Contact us today to see how we can help with heat pump installations in West London.