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A common problem for homeowners is hard water. It is caused by a build up of minerals which damage household appliances. Hard water consists of high levels of calcium and magnesium ions. This can lead to limescale and subsequently, damage your internal heating and plumbing systems. 

Although there are no serious health risks, hard water can dry out your hair and skin which can leave you feeling itchy. However, a water softener system can help with this. It works by turning your hard water to soft water via a water treatment process. Soft water has a low mineral composition as it is free from dissolved salts and has more benefits than hard water. 

What is a water softener system and how does it works-

A water softener works by removing all of the calcium and magnesium that is in your water supply through an amount of sodium ions exchange which turns it from hard water into soft water. Softened water is processed so excessive levels of dissolved minerals are removed. 

Water softeners consist of a narrow water tank and a wider tank also known as a brine tank. Salt is added into a compartment to create a brine solution. When water flows through the top of the water tank, it trickles down to the resin beads in the tan. 

These beads have a negative charge that attracts the positive charges from the minerals in the water. While water passes through to the brine tank, the resin beads trap the minerals. 

Then a regeneration process takes place which reverses the ion exchange. This is where the water is cleaned, disinfected and replenished with the brine solution while the water softening system cleans itself and increases its expectancy. 


Keeping the water in your heating system clean will allow your system to run more efficiently.  In fact it is safer drinking water as the amount of salt in a household tap is usually less than 2% of the recommended daily intake. 

Soft water doesn’t damage any of the pipes in your plumbing system and prevents a build up of scale in your appliances. Therefore, this means cheaper bills for your household and less time you’ll have to spend cleaning unpleasant marks. This is backed up by the British Water Quality Group who show that water softening can save a 4-person household an average of £200. 

Soft water doesn’t just benefit your heating and plumbing system, it also will benefit your clothes and dishes. Whereas with hard water your clothes may become dull overtime and your kitchenware loses its sparkling finish, soft water allows for a deeper, greater clean thanks to its ability to easily mix soap and detergents. This consequently will also improve their longevity and usage.


Magnetic filter eliminates system sludge by improving your heatings health and efficiency for its entire life span. This is done by collecting iron oxide sludge with a magnet. It is incredibly easy to remove and clean without draining the entire system. 

Power flush cleans rust, limescale and corrosive deposits from your heating system. As well as helping to lower your fuel bills, it will also reduce your home’s carbon emissions. When installing a new boiler it is recommended that you also get a power flush to reduce the risk of leaks or damage over time to your pipes and radiators. 

How Ramki will help

Firstly, our experienced team will assess the problem before servicing your water system. We will then maintain it and if necessary then install water softeners to eliminate the limescale. This is completed by one of our qualified plumbers who have experience and knowledge about the water softening process and the regulations around it. 

If you are unsure on the best option for your household, our team has the knowledge to help you choose the certain product and design that is right for you. Contact us today and will be more than happy to give you more information about how we can keep the water in your heating system running more efficiently by keeping it clean.