fbpx Why should I invest in underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating may have a reputation for being expensive and difficult to install, but does it actually have more advantages than you think? Underfloor heating is a high specification feature that lets you have the comfort of warm floors in the cold weather.

In today’s blog we are helping you answer ‘Why should I invest in underfloor heating?’

More space 

Obviously, radiators take up space in your room. No matter how much you try and make traditional radiators look nice, they inevitably are bulky systems that take up room in your home. 

Whereas with underfloor heating systems, they are hidden in the ground. So there is nothing taking up wall space. In fact underfloor heating increases the available floor area of a house by 15%.

This means that you have more freedom to decorate your home exactly how you want it.

Heating when needed

Through smart controlled thermostats you can put heating on in certain rooms and spaces. This means you aren’t wasting heating in rooms of your home that you aren’t using.
It allows you to adjust the temperature to suit your lifestyle. For example you might want to make it lower during the night when you aren’t walking around the house, or turning it off when you are at work.

Used with existing central heating system 

Underfloor heating systems don’t have to be installed in every room of your home. It can either be used as the primary heating source or as the secondary heating source in your home. This is because some systems connect to your standard central heating boiler so it’s basically an extension of your current heating. 

Cheaper bills 

Although a floor heating system is an expensive investment, heat is retained within your flooring so running costs are usually a lot lower than with radiators. Underfloor heating is also extremely long lasting. 

On average they have a lifespan of 50 years, whereas traditional radiators can become inefficient within 8-12 years. Underfloor heating also heats up quicker, making it not only cost efficient but energy saving too.

Even distribution of heat 

With radiators you may notice cold spots across large areas. However with underfloor heating there is an even distribution of heating across the floor meaning everyone in the room will benefit from the warmth. Underfloor heating can also adopt a cooling feature so even in the summer, everywhere that has underfloor heating will remain cool. 

Increase value of your home
Although it is a luxury feature which may seem a lot of money, underfloor heating can actually increase the value of your home, which you will benefit from when the time comes for you to sell. 

Research has found that 74% of homeowners would pay at least £1,000 more to buy a property with this feature (and one in ten would pay £5,000 or more) This is because potential buyers are keen to invest in a home that has high energy efficiency and doesn’t require them to do a lot of work. 

Little maintenance required.
A benefit of underfloor heating is that little maintenance is required when running the system. Once installed, electric systems don’t need regular servicing and water underfloor heating only needs to be occasionally checked to ensure that it is working correctly. This will give you peace of mind knowing that you are going to have to spend money on repairs and replacements regularly. 

Install underfloor heating with Ramki
You want your home to be comfortable all year round. With traditional heating methods becoming outdated, people are now looking for smart ways to heat their homes and are turning to underfloor, wall and ceiling heating. 

At Ramki we use Variotherm VarioComp compact floor heating. It is ideal for smooth renovations of old buildings and for floors where there is no room for screed. The system is extremely thin yet powerful and allows you to adjust it to your exact needs.