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Why should we use solar panels?

Solar panels generate power by converting energy from the sun into electricity. In a time where we are focused on saving money and reducing our carbon footprint, many people are opting for renewable energy sources. 

So in today’s blog we are looking at ‘Why Should We Use Solar Panels?’

Solar panels have many benefits as they use semiconductor technology to power your household. In fact when solar panels are used effectively, the average home could generate 50-60% of the power needed to supply its electricity through solar electricity. This means that although they are a costly investment, they can help you save money on your electricity bills in the long run as they can cover most, if not all of your energy needs. 

You will be needing to use less electricity from the grid, and with rising energy prices there hasn’t been a better time to convert to solar power because any saving counts. As it is utilising one of nature’s free resources, it doesn’t cost you anything to convert into energy either. 

You can also get paid for the electricity you generate and don’t use. The government has a feed-in tariff so you can get paid 4.11p/kWh tax-free across 20 years, meaning you could benefit from an extra £150 per year when you install solar panels at your property. 

Whenever you decide to sell your home, having a solar energy system at your property will actually increase the value of your property. 

Alternatively if you also install a solar battery alongside your solar PV system, you can store the energy that has been produced by your solar panels for later use instead of sending it back to the Grid. This will maximise your energy savings even further. 

If you have an electric car you will also benefit from being able to charge your car with free solar energy. Your solar PV system should produce enough energy to power both your home and your car.

There is also little to no maintenance needed for solar panels. Usually you will only need an expert engineer to check them over once a year to make sure they are still working to the highest standard and make sure the surface is clean. They have no moving parts so you don’t need to worry about them wearing out quickly as the usual lifespan of solar panels is 25 years. 

Additionally, solar panels provide an environmentally friendly solution to non-renewable fossil fuels such as coal and oil. This means it’s clean and won’t produce any greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide or nasty pollutants. Having a solar PV system means you could save nearly two tonnes of carbon per year, preventing further damage to the planet. 

Even in the UK solar panels can be very efficient. Although the level of efficiency is higher when the sun is out, they don’t require direct sunlight to work. So even on cloudy days you will still be able to generate electricity via your solar panels. As long as you consider the location, angle and direction your solar panels are facing then you should still be able to capture the maximum amount of sunlight available. 

At Ramki we are committed to helping our customers in the communities we serve benefit from modern renewable technologies. We have years of experience working with solar panels, so we can use our extensive knowledge to assist you in making the move to renewable energy solutions such as solar panels. 

Whether you have a 1920’s property or a new build we can help you adapt to renewable energy whilst still allowing you to enjoy the same type of comfort that you are accustomed to. Contact us today for more information on the advantages of solar energy.